Manage your


Manage your project from anywhere with the RiskMP and SupersList project tracking apps. Push updates, view project information and more! Avaliable on Android and coming soon to iOS.


Designed by construction managers based on years of on-site experience

Report Completions

Report on work as it is completed. Check off the task when its done or enter completion percentage. The office team can see the information you enter as you enter it.

Record Delays

Report changes to the plan - easily and quickly. Equipment breakdown? Soil Survey incomplete? Supplier delay? Weather? Enter the event and days delay and cost.

2 week lookahead

Right on your smartphone or tablet! You can also look ahead 4 weeks or look at all the work that should have started or all the work that will start. You can filter all work that is complete for billing or all work that is yet to be completed. You can filter for work that has not started.

Wi-fi - LTE - 3G

Is your WiFi working onsite? Or are you using cell networks? Eitherway, RiskMP and SupersList mobile apps are working for you, bringing professional project tracking and project management tools to your site.

App features

Project Tracking made simple and easy. The answer to manging projects at remote sites.


Login with your Android phone or tablet, via Wifi or Cellular! (iOS coming soon!)

View Upcoming Tasks

Stay on top of things with the project tasks view. Live updates from the head office!


Sync projects between head office and site, with the combined power of the mobile and desktop versions of our project tracking software: SupersList or RiskMP.

Two week look ahead

Right on your smartphone or tablet, view project events happening weeks in advance.


Report on items as they are completed. Check off if task is complete or enter completion %.

Report Changes

Report changes to the plan easily and quickly; you can even upload pictures to a task or risk!


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